AMO Model

Ability, Motivation & Opportunity

I welcome you all with greetings, May Almighty Bless us all.
I am very thankful to my Honorable Mentor Sir Salman Abbasi who has given me an opportunity to share a life story in the framework of AMO Model i.e. Ability, Motivation & Opportunity. The story is about a certified introvert and most shy person of his family. Let’s represent that person as “Myself“.

Since childhood I was inspired by Military because uniform differ you from a common person however I never applied for cox I was not a “Yes Sir” person luckily I joint one of the Largest Scouting Group of Pakistan in early 90s when even I didn’t know how to work but what I had at that time It was only Motivation to serve the Humanity.

After joining that platform I started participating in different courses and training programs like Emergency Response, Disaster Management and First Aid etc. which helped me to enhance my Skills and Abilities to not only survive in difficult situations but also how to help others in professional manner. On the other side, the culture of that organization was very worst, people used to use abusive language, dirty politics, educated persons were badly treated and corruption was on top of the list at every level still there was a person who was lonely managing that NGO as a Secretary-General as much as he could. He has a Charismatic Personality and unique Leadership Skills to encounter any situation and any person come in front of him. I was very inspired by him and I had a dream to become a shadow of him. Time flies and I started getting different projects, designations and promotions like Camp in-charge, Quarter Master, Asst. Secretary Finance and finally Secretary Finance and I proved myself as best Scout in all dimensions.

In 2013, that Secretary-General had to shift abroad due to some terror threats and Joint-Secretary also moved Capital City and left the designations. Here the dream came true when I got an Opportunity to be selected as Secretary-General. I started working on my Vision; I re-structured whole organogram, promoted All Seniors as Honor in Association and developed a Team of Young, Educated, and Energetic Leaders, provided platform for Girls to work equally and created entirely different environment. Now we are working on 2nd layer of Leaders in our organization. Sky is not a limit, today I am holding multiple designations in different NGOs and NPOs, I also promote and support newly developed NGOs, besides all these volunteer activities I am doing Job and running part time business as well.

What I learned from my life experience is that Ability is something which is God gifted but the problem is that more than 90% of people on the earth don’t know the real depth of their talent, the skills they possess, until they are put in worst condition where motivation search true ability to change the bad situation in good one.

I would like to conclude my topic with the quote of famous leader Martin Luther King Junior II that “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Stretch Yourself 10% to Come-out from your Comfort Zone.

Thank you all for reading and your precious time, I hope it would help you to Motivate you in your life also. Do not forget to comment your views in comment box. Share this with your family members, friends and colleagues.

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