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State Life Insurance Corporation offers the Highest Returns with Profit for the Safe & Healthy Future. State Life Policy provides LIFE RISK COVERAGE from the 1st day of the Policy, FINANCIAL PROTECTION & SAVING ATTRIBUTES. REBATE on Income Tax, LOAN FACILITY, SURGICAL BENEFITS & much more. Also offer Claims either by Accidental or Natural Death, Bomb Blast, Target Killing & Firing. So hurry up and buy Policy for your dear ones and get a full-year bonus 2019. “Everything seems bright till the sun is shining, But you need to prepare for the dark”.


Health & Dental Insurance also available in individual & group policies.

For More Details, Contact Most Reliable Team

Ali Naqvi – Sales Executive +92 3312630110

S. M. Farhan Abbas – Sales Manager +92 3002266705 +92 3112266705

S. M. Mustafa Kamil – Sr. Sales Manager +92 3132623205 +92 3242182100

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