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Quantitative Research Method – Part 4

Citation, Reference and Data What is a Citation? Citation is giving to support your arguments....
Literature Review

Quantitative Research Method – Part 3

Literature Review Why Literature Review has so much importance? Research Past Papers or Literature Review...
Quantitative Research Method

Introduction to Quantitative Research Method – Part 2

Research Thesis can be divided into Five Parts Introduction Literature Review Methods Results Conclusions / Recommendations Area of Interest...
Introduction to Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research Method – P1

Research Extracting New Knowledge by some Scientific Procedure or Systematic Process is called Research. The Key...
Dealing with Different Levels

G & G Teaching & Students – P4

Dealing with Different Levels of Students The students of all levels can make use of English Newspapers. For beginners,...
12 Lessons based on the Newspapers

G & G Teaching: Changing Perspectives – P3

12 Lessons based on the Newspapers Carolyn Hunter and Janice McNearney (1988) has framed a series of 12...
Activity-Based Learning

G & G Teaching: Changing Perspectives – P2

Activity-Based Learning Method This is the activity-based learning method is more succinctly presented in the words of Benjamin...
Grammar and Grammar Teaching

Grammar and Grammar Teaching – Part 1

Changing Perspectives Abstract Communication skills are imperative for a successful career. Communication...

Briefly Define Marketing mix 4p

The Marketing Mix Stimuli  The Marketing Mix Stimuli is key to find out the behavior of the consumers. Marketing...
Cost Behavior


Cost Behavior The level of costs incurred is affected by many components is called Cost Behavior. For instance, costs...

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Hina S. Khan

Hina Khan

Hina S Khan Hina Khan used to teach. Currently, she has been working as a stock consultant or call as an agent. However, from the...

Killing of 11 Shia Miners in Machh Balochistan

Reacting to the senseless killing of 11 Shia miners in Machh area of Balochistan, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said that the government of Pakistan has...
Mahnoor Adil

Girls Riding Bikes in Pakistan

What comes first in your mind, when you see Girls Riding Bikes in Pakistan? Believe me I am one of those men in the world...

Inside Umair Jaswal, latest Song, Weds Sana Javed

Umair Jaswal is a multitalented celebrity from Islamabad, Pakistan. He is a Singer, Song-Writer, Music Producer, Film Actor, and Television Actor. He is the...
Customer Satisfaction

Factors Affecting Customer’s Satisfaction

Factors Affecting the Customers' Satisfaction Factors Affecting the Customers' Satisfaction for a particular brand are priorities of companies. Customers Satisfaction is obtaining when companies take...