Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research Method – Part 5

Hypothesis The hypothesis is the combination of two words i.e. Hypothetical and Thesis, it means hypothetical statement. Hypothesis is...

Cost of Capital

What is the Cost of Capital? The expected return by the investors of the company, organization or firm if...

Human Resource Management – Part 3

Job Analysis It is the process to hire a person and determine the duties and skill requirements for a...

Mubarak Beach

Five Benefits Of Taking Makeup Course

Five Benefits Of Taking Makeup Course

The bridal course is the new trend, people are taking this course for multiple benefits. In response to the same, several makeup studios present...


Event management & PR Batch and Media Society have arranged a Fun-Filled Festival for you guys to take you out of...

IELTS – Speaking Problem

IELTS Speaking Problem These are some couple of big IELTS Speaking Problem many people face during practicing for the...
Earn Online Money

Earn Online through Website

Nowadays, everyone wants to earn Easy Money and the Internet is the best place to Earn Money as much as you desire....
19 Amazing Facts about India

Freedom Wave in India 2020

It's started from Kashmir and now whole India is crying and asking help from UN and world to save from Modi Terrorism....
Joker Quotes

Inspirational Motivation Joker Quotes

Here once again I am going to share a review of a video published on YouTube Channel Namely G Abazz Jaffrey and...


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Best Investment Opportunity

Is It Good To Invest In Dwarka Expressway Residential Properties? When you search for the term “Best Residential Properties...
Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs

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How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy

How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy - Summary The article “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy”, a strategic planning article written by Micheal E. Porter, discusses the...

A Son of Sindh

A helpless father who commutes 16 km daily for justice for his child murdered after sexual abuse! A Son of Sindh...

The Day of Judgment

Why the day of judgment will come? This is the conversation between Imam Ali and an atheist.

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