Quantitative Research Method – Part 3

Literature Review

Literature Review

Why Literature Review has so much importance?

Research Past Papers or Literature Review is a foundation of Academic Research. Future Recommendations of Past Research Papers shall become Gap for the Future Researches.

Research Gaps can be categorized into three types:

  1. Theoretical
  2. Methodology
  3. Contextual (also called as Replication)

Theoretical Gap

  • Adding more Factors in Past Research
  • Bringing Change in Theory
  • Modification in Past Theory

Methodological Gap

• Change in Methodology
• Exploring different Factors which were used in any Specific Research that WHY these Factors are effective?

Contextual (also called as Replication) Gap

• Replication or Copy of Other Region Study
• Repeated same Study within different Region

What is Research Question?

Whenever any Problem is state, it raises the question. This is called Research Question in Research. An actual question you ask about your research.

Why do we need Research Question?

To narrow and specific our research on our objective we need Research Question.

How can we write Research Question?

There are FIVE simple steps to write a Research Question:
a. Pick up a Topic
b. Narrow down the Topic
c. Ask Questions about your Topic
d. Select most specific Question or Questions about your Topic
e. Focus the Question

How do we know that is it a Good Research Question or NOT?

Research Question is actually your Research Objective. So, Research Question shall be similar to Your Research Objective.

How will you know how much work has been conducted and which issues still remains to address?

Past Research Papers and Literatures are reviewed in order to identify which areas have been covered and which areas still need to work out because they have not addressed yet.

Why do we Review Past Literatures or Research Papers?

There are several reasons, some of them are:

  • To ensure you have a thorough understanding of the Topic.
  • Is to identify potential areas for Research.
  • It’s identify that similar work has been done within the area identifying knowledge gaps that demand further investigation.
  • To compare previous findings.
  • To critique existing findings and suggest further studies.

The major issue for most of the students is that from where they can excess authentic Literature or Past Research Papers for reviewing purpose. Here is the list of some most famous Academic Publishers:

How can we write a simple Literature Review?

There are many styles to write a Literature Review. Here is the List to follow during writing a simple Literature Review:-

Area of Interest
Author Referring
Year of Publish
Data Used
Variables or Factors
Statistical Techniques
Findings or Suggestion

Where can we find all above-mentioned points or details from Literature or Past Papers?

Name of Author and Date of Literature’s Publication can be obtained from Abstract.
Similarly, Data, Variables, and Techniques can be obtained from Methodology or sometimes they are also found from Abstract.
Finally, Findings, Recommendations or Suggestion can be obtained from the Results and Conclusion of the Study.

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