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Quantitative Research Method – Part 3

Literature Review
Literature Review Why Literature Review has so much importance? Research Past Papers or Literature Review is a foundation of Academic Research. Future Recommendations of Past Research Papers shall become Gap for the Future Researches. Research Gaps can be categorized into three types:

Introduction to Quantitative Research Method – Part 2

Quantitative Research Method
Research Thesis can be divided into Five Parts Introduction Literature Review Methods Results Conclusions / Recommendations Area of Interest is the Key to select any Topic for Research purpose. By Reviewing Past Literature, you can identify the Gap. And this Gap leads towards Objectives, Goals, and Solutions. Which add-on your contribution.

Quantitative Research Method – P1

Introduction to Quantitative Research
Research Extracting New Knowledge by some Scientific Procedure or Systematic Process is called Research. The Key Point for Research is “Recommendation”. The Recommendation is mandatory for any Research. Research can be divided into two categories: 1. Qualitative Research The purpose of...

G & G Teaching & Students – P4

Dealing with Different Levels
Dealing with Different Levels of Students The students of all levels can make use of English Newspapers. For beginners, the bold print headlines, advertisement captions, symbols and graphic pictures which are comprehensible can communicate information. At the intermediate level, newspapers expose the students to even more challenging exercises and more complex...

G & G Teaching: Changing Perspectives – P3

12 Lessons based on the Newspapers
12 Lessons based on the Newspapers Carolyn Hunter and Janice McNearney (1988) has framed a series of 12 lessons based on the newspapers for their foundation course. Bill Graham’s “The Tutor’s Toolbox” (1996) contains twenty-five useful techniques for teaching literacy. One of those techniques uses the newspaper for minor reading...

G & G Teaching: Changing Perspectives – P2

Activity-Based Learning
Activity-Based Learning Method This is the activity-based learning method is more succinctly presented in the words of Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget Teach me and I remember Involve me and I learn” (Richards 81). The teaching of grammar to the students by involving them in...

Grammar and Grammar Teaching – Part 1

Grammar and Grammar Teaching
Changing Perspectives Abstract Communication skills are imperative for a successful career. Communication skills are different from fluency skill in the language, we learn to speak. A skilled communicator should have excellence in all four major skills. Communication skills with proper-grammar add...

MahBee Visited Vintage Cafe

Vintage Cafe The 1st thing you see after entering any premises is the interior and the interior of Vintage Cafe is very attractive for every age group. You will really like it and feel so comfortable. Neat and Clean Premises is a bonus for Karachi, especially. It was good to see Kids Chairs availability...

Briefly Define Marketing mix 4p

The Marketing Mix Stimuli  The Marketing Mix Stimuli is key to find out the behavior of the consumers. Marketing mix 4P’s will be taken into consideration in the marketing mix stimuli i.e. Price, Promotion, Product and Place. The classifications of the 4P’s have been highlighted as follows:


Benefits of Lime Juice
Benefits of Lime Juice: The body needs to be saved from the lack of blood, and the cure should be present in your kitchen. You may not know, vitamins in Lime or Lemon can not fight against CNA. But it can increase the strength of the iron which helps in preventing many...