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Fake Army Captain

Fake Army Captain
An uncommon and remarkable occurrence occurred in the city of Lahore. When a Sepoy from Pakistan Army Punjab Regiment, introduced himself as a Captain of the Pakistani Armed Forces. Furthermore, he conveyed a talk on Character Building and the Present Circumstance of Pakistan. Character Building Club (CBC)...

Hamid Ismail Foundation

Win Prizes
Hamid Ismail Foundation Hamid Ismail Foundation is an independent Not-For-Profit Organization. HMF undertakes diverse development projects to improve the lives and well being of local communities. The aim is to create sustainable change that significantly improves the well-being of local communities and protects the environment. Mobile Application...

Wedding of Ex-CJP Son

Wed of Ex-CJP Son
The son of Ex Chief Justice Saqib Nisar has married daughter of Lahore High Court judge Shehram Khan. Saqib Nisar was the 25th Chief Justice of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. https://youtu.be/jjaC7Y59Ulc Total cost on the wedding is reportedly Pakistan Rupee 100,000,000 which is equal to 10 crore.

Solve Increasing Crime Rate

Better Parenting Skills
How to Solve the Increasing Crime Rate of Young Offenders The only way to solve the increasing crime rate of young offenders is to Teach Parents Better Parenting Skills. The increasing crime rate is one of the main highlighted issues in any country. And a large number of ratio, children seem...

HBL PSL 2020 Live

HBL PSL 2020
HBL PSL 2020 is the Vth Season of the Pakistan Super League, a franchise Twenty-20 Cricket League. It was established by the Pakistan Cricket Board in the year of 2015. This is fist time when HBL PSL is being held entirely in Pakistan. The tournament is taking place between 20 February 2020 and 22 March 2020.

Life Without Technology

Life without Technology
Do you ever think life without technology? Here is something do you ever think what if there is nothing like Technology, no computers, no phones, no internet and many more. With technology, you wake-up everyday on your phone, you call your friends, family and love ones far and near trying to...

Worst Customer Service Experience at Sobremesa

The worst customer service experience at Sobremesa. Staff of Soremesa tried to cheat at the time of billing. Please, be-aware... Went to Sobremesa few days ago and was really disappointed by their unprofessional staff and their poor service. I had Vouch365 Coupon with me. I specifically told them I...

MiRyde First Canadian Ride Sharing Company

First Canadian Ride Sharing Company 'MiRyde' already started their operations in Pakistan Since, August 2019 and now expanding to rest of the Country. Keeping in view the International Standards of travelling for the Comfort and Safety of the passengers and drivers this service is a one click solution for all the roadies....


A question which attracts me a lot, what is Friendship to you? Friendship is beyond any relation. I always love to write and debate on such interesting topics. I don’t say that I am a good writer or blogger nor I am a good interpreter of anyone’s life, but yes I think: I have...

Things to Know About Social Media Platform in 2020

Social Media & We as a Society Once there was an era when people use to listen news at sharp 09 PM and gets updated about the whole day national and international news. Time changes and media started grooming it-self or we can also say that we had groomed ourselves in such a way...