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Nowadays, everyone wants to earn Easy Money and the Internet is the best place to Earn Money as much as you desire. Today I am going to share with you about one website where you can register yourself and Earn Money Easy through the website with just your Mobile Phone.


The idea is to earn and together, the developer of CliqZine is a young, energetic and smart person from Nigeria.


The idea of creating CliqZine is based on my experience, we all have people who are in need of money but get nothing to do and I believe with CliqZine we can make it better, and again there is a lot of upcoming artist and blogger who wants to get popular but have no back support with CliqZine we can advertise there Link’s for them to get views and download with cheap price.

Here is the Home Page of CliqZine, Let’s Visit

This platform is programmed and designed to deliver News/ads to its users.

CliqZine is an online view that focuses on delivering curated, relevant News Content/Advertise items that we believe are of interest to the majority.

CliqZine has Corporate Social Responsibility efforts that cover ads revenue sharing and membership systems for the member to earn on a monthly basis.


To start your Earning, you will need to Register yourself through CliqZine Membership Standard. It is a very simple process, just you Click at Join and you will proceed to Membership Form like below. Fill out this form and you will be registered.

Once you Registered at CliqZine, you will be issued a User ID and Password. You shall not share this with anyone else. You will need this User ID and Password to Login every time you come back to Earn Online Money through CliqZine.

How Will You Receive Your Payment?

CliqZine payout every 30 days depending on how much you are paying out and how long the payroll monthly.

You need to make a withdrawal from your dashboard and your eligible unpaid share earnings will be sent to your bank account on your next payout date. But if you want to retain your earning to accumulate and cash out whenever you want you don’t need to make a withdrawal till whenever you are ready. Here is the Link of all your FAQs.

Note: Multiple accounts are NOT Allowed.

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