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Cost and Management Accounting

Cost Accounting
Cost Accounting The Cost Accounting or Costing System is the foundation of the internal financial information system for managers in any organization. To plan and control all the activities of the organization and to make decisions about the future, management needs information which is provided by the costing system.

IELTS – Speaking Problem

IELTS Speaking Problem These are some couple of big IELTS Speaking Problem many people face during practicing for the IELTS Speaking Test. So here today I am going to discuss some solutions that how can we overcome above-mentioned issues. I understand the Question but I can't reply spontaneously.


Karachi It is all about Mini-Pakistan, The City Karachi, the City of Lights. The City of Cricket. The City of Founder of Pakistan. Yes, right-now I am going to share with you about the Extreme Weather Conditions of City Karachi. Just after the Christian Event of Easter as Muslims going to...