Guardians of Markazi Jaloos Chehlum

Pak Hyderi Scouts: Guardians of Markazi Jaloos Chehlum

Markazi Jaloos, or Central Processions, hold immense significance in the cultural and religious landscape of Pakistan.

They bring together communities, foster unity, and commemorate historical events.

These events often require meticulous planning and execution to ensure the safety and guidance of participants and attendees.

Among the dedicated teams that work tirelessly behind the scenes, the Pak Hyderi Scouts stand out as unsung heroes who perform their duties with utmost dedication and commitment.

The Role of Pak Hyderi Scouts:

Pak Hyderi Scouts, a youth organization deeply rooted in the Shia Muslim community, have become an indispensable part of Markazi Jaloos at Numiash Chowrangi and various other processions across Pakistan.

Their role can be divided into two essential components: performing duty and guiding the participants and attendees.


Performing Duty:

Security and Crowd Control:

  • One of the primary responsibilities of Pak Hyderi Scouts during Markazi Jaloos is to ensure the safety and security of all participants.
  • They strategically position themselves along the procession route to maintain order and manage the crowd.
  • This is particularly crucial as these processions can draw large crowds, and the risk of accidents or security incidents is always present.

First Aid and Medical Assistance:

  • The Scouts are trained in basic first aid and medical procedures.
  • They are equipped with necessary medical supplies and are ready to provide immediate assistance to anyone in need.
  • Their quick response can make a significant difference in emergencies.

Traffic Management:

  • The Scouts also assist in managing traffic during the procession.
  • They coordinate with local authorities to ensure that the procession moves smoothly without causing disruptions to the regular flow of traffic in the area.

Guidance and Support:

Camp Setup:

  • Pak Hyderi Scouts establish camps along the procession route where they provide information, assistance, and support to the attendees.
  • These camps serve as hubs for information dissemination and as rest points for participants.

Route Information:

  • Scouts guide attendees by providing directions and information about the procession route.
  • They are well-informed about the event schedule and can guide attendees to the best viewing spots.

Announcement for Missing Children/Persons:

During the procession, the Pak Hyderi Scouts understood the importance of their camps and security control.

Additionally, they recognize the possibility of children or individuals going missing during such events.

To address this concern and ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees, they make announcements for missing children or persons.

If someone is separated from their family or group or if you notice a missing child or person during the Markazi Jaloos at Numiash Chowrangi or any similar event, please promptly inform a Pak Hyderi Scout at one of the nearby camps.

They are trained to take immediate action, assist in locating the missing individual, and provide the necessary support to reunite them with their loved ones.

This proactive approach helps maintain the security and harmony of the procession while ensuring the safety of all participants and attendees.

Cultural and Religious Information:

  • Many attendees may not be familiar with the religious and cultural significance of the procession.
  • Pak Hyderi Scouts take it upon themselves to educate attendees about the history and purpose of the event, promoting understanding and respect among different communities.

The Pak Hyderi Scouts‘ involvement in Markazi Jaloos at Numiash Chowrangi and similar processions is a testament to their commitment to community service and religious values.

They perform their duties diligently, ensuring the safety and guidance of all participants and attendees.

Their efforts go a long way in making these events not only successful but also memorable and harmonious, reflecting the spirit of unity and peace that these processions represent.

As we celebrate the rich cultural and religious diversity of Pakistan, let us not forget the invaluable contributions of organizations like Pak Hyderi Scouts in preserving and promoting these traditions.

Syeda Sakina Abidi
Content Writer

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