Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is not the same. The journey of life is not as easy as how human imagine it, talking about knowledge it is the understanding of gaining the ability of knowing fact about many circumstances, the definition...

AMO Model

Ability, Motivation & Opportunity I welcome you all with greetings, May Almighty Bless us all.I am very thankful to my Honorable Mentor Sir Salman Abbasi who has given me an opportunity to share...
Goodwill Messages


Goodwill Messages The most famous formula to draft Goodwill Messages is 5S. Be SelflessBe SpecificBe SincereBe SpontaneousKeep the Message Short Let’s discuss them all one by one.

MOVERE – Motivation

MOVERE I welcome you all with greetings & I am very thankful to all of you for your kind support and motivational comments :)Let’s move towards the Topic: MOTIVATION – This is a very...