Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is not the same. The journey of life is not as easy as how human imagine it, talking about knowledge it is the understanding of gaining the ability of knowing fact about many circumstances, the definition of knowledge is clearly for us to understand that everyone in life has different talent, mentioning talent on this topic we are meant to understand that knowledge and talent are in other way the same.

Talent on it, is the ability to gain additional knowledge and idea on one’s ability on doing things.

On this our main point is:
Knowledge is not the same (Everyone has his or her different talent).

In life everyone has different ability or thought of reasoning, example, someone has the knowledge or talent on music while someone else has his own different knowledge on technology.

The fact is everyone has different knowledge or talent.
People do compare their-self without realizing that they both have there different talent, and some people argue been more that others, I agree with that but it depend on the roles they both play.

In other way knowledge is seen as power and talent is seen as ability, accessing knowledge depends on how far you play hard and talent is what is already in you, so all you need to do is raise and put your talents to display, every opportunity is a blessing.

We have in all nine planet and all the planet has there different size and functions, so is life everyone has his or her different knowledge of talent.

People have there own different opinions on knowledge, but the question there is, do they really know that knowledge is not equal or the same? but before people should think about if knowledge is not the same they should be able to know what exactly knowledge is.

Some people pray for wisdom, some pray for knowledge and some pray to acquire their talent which means everyone want to be the best, but as humans no one can be the best of all humans, saying something about the bible we will realize God create humans all equal, yes for sure, but every human has a different thought, no man know another person thought, someone think on becoming a doctor, someone a lawyer, someone a soldier and someone a politician, everyone with different thought and on this case one can have authority over another.

That is the point, what you become you are less to someone and someone is less to you, and that someone less to you greater to another person, that’s how life turns round.

It’s on this very point you a person will realize that knowledge is not the same, it is someone’s knowledge that makes him or her greater than you, and you greater than someone else.

I cannot just stop realizing that everyone wants to be the best, some thinks themselves as God, power comes with great responsibility, but money buys out everything in life now.

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