What is the Blessing?

Blessings can be felt, not described. It is a blessing when you are running your kitchen with no tension and without having to worry about calculating revenue and expenses. Then whether your income is a million or a thousand. The greatest sign of this is the satisfaction of the heart. Which is not fortunate for the business tycoons and investors.

If you want to see a blessed then you shall see a laborer digging a road during a hot summer. Take a break from the wall, spread his wrap, open his lunch-box, lay the bread on it, then remove some of the pickles. He spread it on bread and reads Almighty’s name and starts eating. The determination and heartfelt satisfaction. He feels in this situation are unmatched by any of the millionaire having expensive burgers at McDonald’s and KFC etc.

One of the blessings is that Almighty protects you and your family from any major illness or calamity. Man is saved from the hospital and doctors’ cycles. Thus its income is protected from flowing like water.
One of the blessings is that your wife is content and grateful. She is willing to be a little bit, not to burden your pocket with clothes, makeup, and other orders. Thus saving you from financial hardship as well as providing you unconditional love heart.

One of the blessings is that Almighty has given you good and thankful children. They do not blindly follow their friends and start asking everything their friends can afford like mobiles, clothes, shoes, etc. For the day, but is also satisfied and grateful.

Blessings are related to the invisible help of God, unlike material sources. An invisible aid that not only gives your heart a sense of satisfaction but also fulfills your needs within your income.

It was a blessing of wealth and income. This is how time and life are blessed. The blessing of time is that you can do more and more productive work in less time, so you don’t waste time. Likewise, the blessing of age is that you are not spending your life in bad deeds but only in good deeds.

Eating less, being able to meet more people is a blessing. The result of your hard work is the blessing of being able to produce more income or productivity.


Think of it as a “Special Reward” from Almighty for His servant.
The simplest way to receive blessings is to do charity or sponsor an orphan. See if you have an orphan in your family or neighborhood; make it your own son or daughter, and nurture it as your own offspring does, then see how blessings break into your home.

Forget that the house where people sleep till daybreak will be blessed. Because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Almighty be upon him) believed that blessings were bestowed on the first part of the day for my “Ummah” community. Likewise, amateur dog breeding, pictures, and music are among the reasons for a blessing. In addition, purity and lawful means of clothing and body are integral to achieving income blessing. If one is involved in bad and illegal business or keeps body and clothes unclean or even a candidate for blessings, one can be amazed at the simple irony!

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