A Scout with big Responsibilities

A Scouter with big Responsibilities

What to say about this picture? Or let me ask you, people, what you people think a person wearing a Scout Uniform can be?


Mostly I have seen people who take Scouts as their servants or paid employees. I had also experienced people treating them as illiterate and unethical humans.

But let me clear you first that I am not talking about everyone, some people think as. There is a very famous quote All five fingers of a hand are not the same, just like that, there are people who give respect and understand what are scouts.

Scouts in normal life can be a doctor, engineer, government officer, businessman or anyone from any field of life. The most interesting thing is that a person who is described in the picture and who is writing this content are both Scouters. So a scouter can also be a poet, writer or philosopher.

When a person wears scouts uniform his or her attitude changes, yes! it is a fact. Sometimes attitude is rude or harsh also to rule over many negative things that are happening around you. An army officer is always well dressed and well-disciplined, does anyone think why? Because scout is trained to be like that. If uniform persons, after wearing their uniforms, act or live their lives as they are civilian so no need to wear a uniform because this uniform brings more responsibilities to you. When a person wears scouts uniform and starts working for society or community, then he or she is no more a normal civilian.


Scouting teaches us disciple, humanity, way of living and most importantly loves towards a uniform person and their respect.

Ranks matters in uniform persons not age, respect of all your seniors are must but following order is something different. Scouts are obedient and are bond to follow their protocols.

If anyone judges a scout by working on the field or by a picture, where he or she is being shown in attitude so yes we have attitudes and that is our part of the job and now when we working from our childhood so it has become part of our lives.


Last lines concluding for those who still think that the writer is showing attitude or favoring a scouter. So kindly don’t judge me like you judge yourselves, judge me as I am and for understanding me you have to come to that level where I have gone and expressing my feelings.

A Scouter with big Responsibilities
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Content by:
Poet & Writer Mujtaba Mirza

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