Earn with Makeup

Earn with Makeup

Ways to Make Money with Oriflame:

Earn with Makeup Products. Here are some ways to make money from Oriflame:

✅ Immediate Profit:

20% on every product sold
Now it’s up to you how many orders you order in a month

✅ Teamwork:

Invite friends to join as well so that you get three-hundred percent team revenue.
This is an unlimited revenue opportunity
It’s up to you how much time you give your business

✅ Cash Rewards:

Cash rewards from the manager above
You get cash rewards for every 12% manager title (PKR.6,500-52,000)

Cash rewards from the director above
There are 20 titles in the Success Plan of Oriflame
You will receive cash prizes for every title that starts with the director

If you complete 100 points in the same month you join the company, you can purchase PKR.2,000 custom products for only PKR.299 with the first PKR.2,500 orders for the second month.

Similarly, if you complete 100 points in the second month, in the third month you can buy PKR.3,500 products in only PKR.299 with PKR.2,500 orders.

If you complete 100 points in the third month, you will be able to purchase PKR.5,000 in only PKR.299 with PKR.2,500 orders in the fourth month.

Similarly, you can save PKR.9,900 by completing the target in the first three months.

Oriflame catalog changes every 3 months after you know it
The change of catalog does not mean there are no products …
In addition, the New Offers, Discount, Annuity, Pro Dictators and the New Catalog drivers. Next month will be a lot more exciting …
But those who have a discount this month will end next month. ۔🎯🎯

The members whose customers created from this catalog should resend these new offers to the existing customers again. … and give them the information you need to reclaim these offers.

You know that if each catalog is 3 months then the first 2 months are the sponsor months of the catalog.
This means that next month, the company gives you a free off-cost gift when people register and they complete 100 points.

In the first month of the list, you have Oriflame Swedes products such as sponsor gifts and sales action gifts.
The second month the catalog contains accessories – which include branded bags jewelry, scarves can be anything that has at least PKR.15000
In the third month list you are given only sales action as you are given each month.

Note: You may have noticed that the first sponsor gift that came in had accessories and the second sponsor gift contained the products.
So which company is the one for you to give??
⭐ Immediate profit
⭐ Commission
⭐ Welcome gift
⭐ Sales action gift
⭐ Gift to sponsor
⭐ Leadership Club Gift
⭐ Cash Awards
⭐ Bonuses
⭐ International Tours
⭐ Seminar Big Mega Event

So do not miss this opportunity.
Even if you work for 5 years, you can’t earn as much as you can and only earn your living in one year from Oriflame.
Wonder what some girls and boys say I have to work from 9am to 5pm, staying under someone’s supervision.
And how much do they earn? The servant gets more than 10,000.

If you have experience, you get PKR.20,000 and after 5 years and after giving the company you reach PKR.40,000 if there is a good post.

But Oriflame is such a direct sailing company in which a human being, after five years of hard work and running a business, earns the title and gets at least 3 million bucks of gold. Shamma Silva, Amber Farooqi, Noreen Saeed, Sir Jilani, Sir Shahid, and many countless people whose income starts from 2 million to at least close to 5 million.

Hopefully you will try to understand the job that you get for a whole month, but then you will spend the whole month doing the same job as the job seekers then see how far the success goes.

You know, more than half of the people in this platform take for-granted, why not? No one to ask – Will you dude? Then tomorrow, if you come back – one day, the madness will come today. You have to do it and if it does not happen on that day, then there is no profit …

Another great way to grow your business

👈 Enhance your business and membership with the ease of using your mobile phone with just a few clicks ….

👈 And that’s the way to post in Facebook groups

💙 But it is important to know how smartly and at times you put up a neat post that attracts relevant people.

There are also beauty groups on Facebook, online business groups and shopping groups where thousands of people see posts daily.

All you have to do is join these groups and post your products and business opportunities at a time when most people can see them … morning, noon, evening

👈 For example, in the morning hours when housewives send their children to school and they spend their time on social media.

👈 If you post between ten and eleven o’clock in the day, this is the last time you are done with homework.

It is three o’clock in the afternoon, or five o’clock in the evening, or eight o’clock at night, and then eleven o’clock at bedtime. These are the times when your post is most commonly seen …

When posting, always keep one thing in mind that as your day passes, so does the rest of the day.

👈 And this should be done on a daily basis … for the first time if you do not receive any response, do not give up hope. Because this is your own business you have to make it your own business.

Now let’s go to the next step ..

That is, when asking a question on your post, always have your response message ready.

People can talk to you in the comments and on Facebook Messenger … or you can also contact the WhatsApp or phone call if you have given your phone number.
Or you can call serious people on WhatsApp .. and send your voice clip to Messenger to build your trust on them.

All these methods are for your own convenience and also for the people who contact you … The more you give to them, the more they will listen to you seriously and passionately.

You can also earn PKR.100,000 Cash Award. For Further Details & Become Member with fully support. Fill Below Form, please.

Independent Consultant, Trainer, Beautition
Oriflame Pakistan

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