Girls Riding Bikes in Pakistan

Mahnoor Adil

What comes first in your mind, when you see Girls Riding Bikes in Pakistan?

Believe me I am one of those men in the world who doesn’t trust on women’s car driving or bike riding. But instead of that I am writing on this topic because my trust and my mentality can’t hide the truth. We are not the right person to judge anyone feelings and ability.

Since a long time I have been noticing girls riding bikes in Pakistan. It is not that they have started now; it was a long term practice for them. Now if it is common that is something else.

There is never written anywhere that girls cannot ride or drive, if it is written so show me. I am very impressed by Miss Zenith Irfan (The First Pakistani Female Motorcyclist to Ride in Pakistan). She started riding the bike because her father dreamed that he could ride on bike across the world. She is an inspiration to all those women out there who are reading this blog and wants to live their lives in such a wonderful way.


Zenith Irfan

While when I was searching ladies like her, I got a chance to meet a young rider girl name “Mahnoor Adil”. She is a student of BBA Semester 4th from Indus University of Karachi. She is an ordinary girl like others and has some wishes like she wants to be a successful businesswoman and wants to make her parents proud. She also takes tuitions for her pocket money and other personal expense.


Mahnoor Adil

Now why I am discussing her over here is the reason that she loves bike riding and also rides bike very well. She hasn’t ride for long routes but she loves to do, so that also one wish that she wants to do.

Now the thing is that do our society accepts this type of acts of girls or not? In my view I believe if you have support and prayers of your parents so you shouldn’t think about the world and carry on your life in your own lifestyle.

Mahnoor Adil

We should support everyone to come in front and do whatever they want to do, specially teenagers, they are backbone of this upcoming world. If they would be strong and bold so the generation coming ahead would be educated and sensible.

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