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Vintage Cafe

The 1st thing you see after entering any premises is the interior and the interior of Vintage Cafe is very attractive for every age group. You will like it and feel so comfortable. Neat and Clean Premises are a bonus for Karachi, especially. It was good to see Kids Chairs availability so Mothers do not need to carry or worry about their juveniles.


The height of the Tables matters a lot when you are somewhere to eat. If the height of the Table and Chair is not matched perfectly then it would be so embarrassing to have your delicious meal. Thanks to Vintage Cafe for caring and providing perfectly designed furniture. Bright woody colors have been used all over the premises.

Vintage Cafe is The Perfect Date with Spouse Venue. It is a great place for Friends and Family. Everyone going to Love this Place. Vintage Cafe is a perfect choice for Surprise Parties. I would highly recommend Vintage Cafe for tiny gatherings, birthday celebrations, or any kind of special celebration. They also provide some special arrangements for your celebrations or parties, if you book in advance. Cool atmosphere due to maintained air-conditioners in extremely hot temperatures in Karachi.


Now let’s talk about the meal, for what you are there. Healthy, Hygienic, Tasty, Delicious and the Presentation of Food is so attractive. Yummy! Light spice but mouth-watering taste. They serve chicken, beef, and seafood also. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for Biryani Lovers. However, you may try Fast food, Chinese, BBQ, Italian, Desi Continental, and much more.

Price Range

Economical Prices, make it affordable for maximum people to visit and enjoy the lovely place and lovable meal variety. All dishes are available at very reasonable prices. You can visit for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner as well. If you are a person who does not like to keep cash with you on an outing you do not need to worry because Visa, Debit Card, and Master Card are also acceptable at Vintage Cafe.

Vintage Cafe is one of the safest and best places in Karachi. The staff is not extraordinary but very suitable to manage your any query. Order time is also reasonable to serve with slow service. Food is served hot and fresh. It was one of the fine experiences.

Vintage Cafe has been shifted to a new place. It is renovated now and much better than the old one. The old place was very congested, however, the new place is well maintained and decorated. The new address is mentioned at the end of this blog.


It is recommended that Vintage Cafe focus on Customer Service, staff need some training. Staff training and development is crucial for the sustainability of Vintage Cafe. Furthermore, they should maintain their Quality as mentioned above the quality of food was much better than other comparable restaurants in Karachi. Introducing some more variety of sweet dishes, Thai Food, and Soaps would help Vintage Cafe to attract more customers.

Discounts or Special Offers

BONUS – A BOGO Voucher is also acceptable. This means One Dish is FREE with One Dish You Order (Selected Items).

Disclaimer: This is NOT PAID and NOT for Marketing Purposes. All the above views are purely personal visit experiences.

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Google Location

D-68, Clifton Block 7, Boat Basin, Adjacent to Silk (Emaan) Bank & TAO Restaurant, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan

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  1. Its a story may be 28 years ago when I was in my early 20’s , I use to make experiment during Ramadan at the time of iftari because refreshment responsibility partially divided between me and my elder sister , I took the beverages category that’s I really found of and give my family new variety all the time rest of the things my sister taking care of , so I can give you some glimpses
    1-Lassi with Pakola (ice cream soda).
    2-Peach and Plum Juice
    3-Mango and Peach Shake
    4-Apple with Peach punch
    etc etc

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