Promises: Everything you Need to Know and Where to Buy one

Some jewels are of particular importance. The promise ring is one of them. This carries with it a strong commitment, often synonymous with fidelity, love, or eternal friendship. This ring is often offered at the beginning of a romantic relationship. It also marks unbreakable bonds of friendship between two people. But these jewels can also represent a promise that we make to ourselves.

Traditionally, engagement rings have been seen as a promise to get married, but the last few decades have also seen the rise of a different type of ring – the promise ring. What do they mean? Why would you give someone a promise ring? And how do they vary from an engagement ring? See here the meaning of the covenant throughout history.

What are Promise Rings?

Promises are usually given to someone as a symbol of commitment and possible future marriage – which is why they are also often referred to as engagement rings. Should you buy one? When should you give one? What do they symbolize? We answer all your burning questions and provide some buying inspiration.

Promise Ring Meaning

While commonly seen as a ring symbolizing a promise of monogamous commitment to a partner, there are many types of promise rings and reasons to wear one, from offering a promise of a future commitment to a symbol of devotion. As a physical symbol of a relationship, it goes beyond a simple symbol of a couple dating.

Promise rings can come in a variety of shapes and styles, including a simple design, a non-traditional swirl style, and can even be colorful a trendy twisted rope ring, or matching his and her promise rings.

While it is simpler than an engagement ring, the customization options are endless when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. Also, read more information about Promise Ring Meaning visit website

History of the Commitment Rings or Promise Rings

Promise rings have been around since the beginning of time. Roman brides wore engagement rings during the 2nd century BC as a symbol of a promise of marriage, as the law stated that couples must wait a certain period to announce their intention to marry at the ceremony itself.

Some rings, with an engraving of a romantic poem, were popular in England from the 15th to the 17th century as symbols of romantic affection and devotion, and even survive in abundance today, indicating an enduring trend in opposition to a secular fashion.

Some rings waned in popularity, however, while a few rings rose to prominence in the Georgian and Victorian eras. Acrylic rings spell out a word – such as “respect” or “love” – in gemstones and served as a sign of romance between couples.

Jewelry and rings continued to act as a promise of commitment over time, as in the mid-century American tradition of high school boys giving their girlfriends their graduation or class ring as a symbol of “standing tight”.

Over the past decade, as celebrities like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers have worn promise rings as symbols of their commitment to purity and chastity, promise rings have increased in popularity. However, not always all this is followed as it is said.

When and To Whom To a Buy Promise Ring?

The promise ring is often used as a symbol of love. It is, therefore, an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, that of a first meeting, a first date, a first kiss… It is ideal for consolidating a relationship that is just beginning, especially between two young people, without having to commit to marriage.

When it strengthens bonds of friendship, the ring can be offered for a birthday, at Christmas, or to celebrate a date or a particular event. We can also decide to materialize with a ring a promise that we make to ourselves.

Finally, the promise ring is increasingly used as a pre-engagement ring. If the man is in doubt about the choice of the engagement ring, he can offer a promise ring at the time of his request. The final engagement ring is then chosen as a couple; thus, we avoid any error without sacrificing the surprise effect.

How to Wear a Promise Ring?

Generally, the promise ring shouldn’t be confused with an engagement ring or with a wedding band. As these jewels are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, we prefer the middle finger or the right ring finger for the promise ring. It can also be worn as a pendant on a chain around the neck.

Choose a Promise Ring

There are many designs of Promise Rings. To choose it, everything depends on the strength of your relationship, but also your means. In general, gold rings with diamonds or other precious stones are rather reserved for declarations of love and commitment for an upcoming marriage.

For a promise of fidelity, love, or friendship, we prefer more sober models, but just as pretty. Especially since when it is offered, the promise ring should not be confused with an engagement ring or an alliance.

The promise ring can thus be in silver, steel, or even gold. It is adorned with a stone, sometimes cut in the shape of a heart. The choice of stone can for example be made according to your astrological signs. Birthstones are perfect for this type of jewelry; each month corresponds to a gem whose color and meaning refer to the sign of the zodiac.

You can also pick a ring that draws an infinity sign on the finger, a love knot, a flower, joined hands, stars, the letters of the word “Love”, “Amitié” or “Amour”… can also choose a ring thick enough to be able to engrave a message, a date, initials… There are also models of matching promise rings, jewels that echo each other and that are exchanged during an emotional moment. If, would you like to give your GF or Finance, some unique or infinity symbol promise ring. You should choose our classic style Infinity Knot Promise Ring.

What Finger Should a Promise Ring Be Worn On?

A promise ring, unlike an engagement ring, can be worn on any finger. People sometimes prefer to wear a promise ring on the left hand, where an engagement ring would be, and then move it to the right hand once engaged. Some people prefer to wear it on their right hand. It is entirely up to you which hand or finger you wear your promise ring on. A promise ring also makes a wonderful replacement for your engagement ring while traveling. It may also look nice stacked with your engagement ring. It is entirely up to you.

Buy Online Promise Rings

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