Worst Customer Service Experience at Sobremesa

The worst customer service experience at Sobremesa. Staff of Soremesa tried to cheat at the time of billing. Please, be-aware…


Went to Sobremesa few days ago and was really disappointed by their unprofessional staff and their poor service. I had Vouch365 Coupon with me. I specifically told them I have vouch and ask them about their deep dish pizza but the waiter replied it is not included in vouch. So, I asked them what items can I order by using Vouch and said him to come back after 5 minutes. During my whole conversation the waiter didn’t mention they have separate menu for Vouch.

Finally, I placed my order and when I asked them for bills and showed them Vouch they told me the item which I have ordered are not included in Vouch as they have separate menu for vouch customer. I was shocked to hear and told them I have clearly mentioned earlier that I have vouch. Your waited never informed me about separate menu. They started arguing me and wasn’t even sorry for their act. After huge argument they finally decided to accept vouch and they ruined my mood and wasted my time.

After such horrible experience and their unprofessional behavior, I decided not to visit them again.

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