19 Amazing Facts about India

1. The poorest in the world are found in India.

2. India is one of the most illiterate in the world.

3. India is the most unemployed in the world.

4. In India, at least 20 million people eat rats.

5. India has the largest sex trafficking in the world.

6. 70% of India’s population does not have toilet facilities.

7. Indians are the largest bodily organ in the world. India is the only country in the world that advertises outside the village that every person in the village has a sale.

8. India is also found on most sidewalks in the world. Where the entire family lives on the sidewalk.

9. India has the highest number of suicides in the world due to poverty.

10. India has over $ 500 billion of external debt.

11. India has $ 377 billion worth of foreign exchange reserves, not its own, but 8 percent interest from deposited banks. Indian economy is up in the air.

12. 22 of India’s 29 provinces are demanding independence. At least 100 private forces are fighting against the Indian government.

13. At least 40% of India’s share of the Indian government’s writ is almost over.

14. India is the most seized country with neighbors in the world.

15. India’s NA 32 aircraft have been grounded due to the Kargil war, which has been contracted with Ukraine for upgrades.

16. In the Kargil war, their 200 most expensive State of the Art buffers have been destroyed by artillery and two armored divisions have failed.

17. India has the highest AIDS prevalence in the world. India is the only country in the world where AIDS patients train regularly.

18. 80% of India’s bridges are more than 100 years old.

19. In India, the rate of killing of girls in the womb of mothers is highest in the world.

India Flag

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