Simple Treatment for Kidney Failure

Simple Treatment to Kidney Failure

A Simple and Wonderful Treatment for Kidney Failure or Relapse.

Kidney Failure is a very serious problem and certainly a Life-Threatening Disorder. People who have such a patient at home just feel this pain and not others.

So today’s reading must be shared once so that someone may be saved.
Karachi resident, who was admitted to the expensive and most renowned hospital in Karachi due to Kidney Failure, and his family, was severely upset and doctors made it clear that there is no other way then dialysis. No way, the family reached out to an old person (scholar) somewhere while severe anxiety and despair and asked him for prayers and medication, and he described an easy kidney failure dietary remedy that they immediately started and a rapid healing process demonstrated in the patient.

It was clear that dialysis had not yet begun due to the intermittent tests and reports that Creatinine and Urea began to decrease rapidly even at full normal range. And finally declared the patient fully fit and finished the hospital.

Let me also clarify here that I am also a personal witness to the well-being of this young man, what was the treatment that that scholar provided? Yes.

Sahanjhny (Moringa Leaves), also known as Sajna, should be completely dried in shade and grind to a powder and the patient should be treated with water a tablespoon daily in the morning and in the evening and by this treatment, the patient is completely fit now.

This powder also comes from overseas which is available at major stores with the name of “Moringa Leaves Powder”. The leaf powder prepared under the shadow is also a very powerful tonic, used in many countries around the world to achieve all kinds of power.

God has blessed humans with two kidneys. They are actually glands located below the ribs, towards the abdomen, right and left at the waist. The kidney is 11 cm long, at least 7 cm wide and 2 or 3 cm thick. Each kidney has more than 1 million drainage glands, nephrons, or filters (kidney stones), with an estimated 1500 liters of blood passing through the kidneys over an estimated 24 hours.

The kidney function is to remove irregular, harmful, excessive substances from the body. The kidneys maintain a balance of water and salts in the body, such as the amount of calcium, potassium, and phosphorus in the body, and water and other salts, etc., are required to remain in the body to a certain extent, causing many disorders. Humans cannot survive without the kidney because the function of the kidney is to balance these substances, salts, and water. The kidneys produce many useful hormones for the body. If these hormones are reduced in the body, then anemia develops.

Reasons of Kidney Failure

There are several reasons for kidney failure, some of which are as follows:
Inflammation of the kidney membrane, membrane filters or nephrons on one side is irregular substances.

On the other hand, the function of the transparent substances membrane is to filter the irregular substances. If this membrane does not work, if it is damaged for some reason, the neighbor membranes get damaged along with it.

Bad things start to happen, and the kidneys stop working. This causes blood or blood to begin to flow inside the urine, which is the most common cause of kidney failure.

The second cause is Diabetes and Hypertension, if someone is suffering from diabetes then it leads to kidney disease usually after 10 to 15 years. Therefore, patients with diabetes should exercise, take great care and make every effort to control diabetes.

Likewise, kidney failure is also caused by High Blood Pressure. It is extremely important for blood pressure patients to keep their blood pressure under control. Doing so may result in kidney stroke and heart stroke.

The body needs more water in the summer, drinking less water reduces the body’s water, and in the winter, it gets less water due to the cold, which causes the body to lack water. Causes of stones, these stones cannot be excreted by the urine, wound in kidney membranes, which cause inflammation which also leads to kidney failure.

This is the third leading cause of kidney failure. Inflammation of the membranes, sugar, blood pressure, dehydration, etc. are all due to dehydration, which also includes the lack of water.

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