A Son of Sindh

A helpless father who commutes 16 km daily for justice for his child murdered after sexual abuse! A Son of Sindh

Reach out to political leadership and dozens of so-called Human Rights organizations here for photosynthesis on this issue, but no one helped. The only thing left was photosynthesis.

The person pictured is Ghulam Mustafa alias Pyar Ali Bhango, a laborer, resident of the city Khairpur, District in Sindh. Three months ago, his seven-year-old son, student, Zulfiqar Bhango, was sexually assaulted after being abducted. And the body was dumped in pond of water. Police registered a case on the basis that they arrested three suspects. Police then has rushed the man to the end of his life. Faiz Ganj police station, DSP continued to torture the victim’s legacy. DNA of 9 families of the victim’s family was conducted. But three months have passed since the victim’s father was passing through the police station, but neither the report is being disclosed nor the matter is being pursued.

The deceased child’s father, Ali Bhango, labors in support of the surviving family. Yesterday he said that I do not have the fare to reach the police station 8 km away, I come on foot and wait all day at the police station but there is no response. The DSP Fida Awan who has inquiry does not attend to my call nor does he meet me. If I go to the police station, I cannot go to labor and cannot earn for my family on that day. There is no hope of justice. There are two different faces of Judiciary, for Elite people and for Poor people.

Courtesy by: Latif Ibrahim
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