Carla Faye Tucker

Carla Faye Tucker was born to a prostitute. Her mother’s name was written on her birth certificate – due to the dirty environment and inattention, she started smoking at the age of 8, and at the age of barely ten, she started smoking hashish.

Then came the night of 1983 when she and her boyfriend killed the couple in an attempt to snatch a motorcycle from the couple and the two escaped, but within a few weeks the police arrested them – a lawsuit was filed and a Texas court Sentenced both to death, after which a long series of appeals began.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend fell ill and died in prison, leaving her alone.

Prison officials are unaware of the accident that changed her life.

The girl who used to verbally abuse the prison administration suddenly started spending most of her time studying the Bible. The drunken woman who used to demand cigarettes and alcohol all the time now is mostly fasting and She no longer took the name of anything but God and Christ.

She became a preacher instead of a prostitute and a murderer, a preacher who had an effect in every single word, then she got married in prison and started preaching. Making life a goal.

When the scent of his changed personality reached outside the prison, newspaper reporters broke into the prison and shook American social life, even as Pope John Paul II Requested tried to pardon a murderer in court for the first time in his life.

Fifteen days before the execution, when Larry King went to interview Tucker in prison, the world saw a contented and happy face on CNN answering every question with complete satisfaction – Larry asked, “You don’t fear death. Tucker smiled and replied “No! Now I am just waiting for death, I want to meet my Lord soon, I want to see with my open eyes the person who changed my whole personality.”

On the second day of the interview, the entire United States said: “No, this is not the collision that killed two innocent civilians. This is an angel born centuries later.

Mercy appeal was filed with the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole People took to the streets and petitioned George W. Bush, the governor of Texas, for Tucker’s request. Jesse Jackson, the most respected pastor in the United States, also supported Tucker’s request, But finally apologized, saying: “I have been made the governor to enforce the law, not to forgive criminals. If this crime had been committed by an angel, I would not have forgiven him.”

Two days before Tucker’s death, when Tucker’s mercy petition reached the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice returned the request, stating: “There is no relief for the woman because no just person in the world can give a concession to the woman who did not give any concession to the two innocent civilians while killing.”

Carla Faye Tucker, 38, was sentenced to death by lethal injection in a Texas prison on February 3, 1998, at 6:00 p.m.

When the news of Carlafe Tucker’s death aired on CNN on February 4, I asked my conscience what a miracle it is to keep a rotten sick society like the United States alive.

The words of Hazrat Ali also began to shine:
“Societies can survive with disbelief but not with injustice” –

The courts that change their decisions after being influenced by public protests or rulers are not sailing boats whose destinations are not determined by the sailors …………….

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