It is all about Mini-Pakistan, The City of Karachi, and the City of Lights. The City of Cricket. The City of Founder of Pakistan. Yes, I am going to share with you the Extreme Weather Conditions of the City of Karachi.

Just after the Christian Event of Easter Muslims will welcome the Holy Month of Ramazan in 2019. Once again, Extreme Hot Weather is also in the Welcome queue.

Before the year 2000, Karachi was among one of the cities that normally enjoyed moderate weather conditions, warm winds, light, and sometimes heavy rains, and a bit of hot summer but not as much as extreme last few years.

Greeny was quite visible all over the City of Karachi. However, with positive intentions, the City Government concept was reintroduced and City Karachi started enjoying a boom in every sector of business, most especially construction and house building. Houses started converting into big and multi-story buildings.

Despite all these big projects, the Plantation and Greeny of City Karachi were ignored most badly. Trees were cut off at their peak quantity but there was no proper visible plan to restore the greenery of City Karachi.



Just after a couple of years of sand and dry weather faced by the City of Karachi, The Mayor of Karachi launched the Plantation Campaign in City Karachi. unfortunately, the trees that were planted were imported namely Corynocarpus. These trees were entirely against the weather conditions of the City of Karachi.

On the one hand, Corynocarpus does not provide any shade due to its straight and vertical growing direction. On the other hand, it is responsible for different allergies in humans.

Most importantly, these kinds of trees’ roots grow strongly underground to search for water and damage all underground water and sewerage structures. Ultimately, once again The City of Karachi started facing an extreme shortage of water.


All these factors, ultimately, contributed to harming the weather condition of The City of Karachi. And just after a few years, The City of Karachi faced waves of Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion, and hundreds of Karachiets had to lose their lives.


Many citizens of Karachi died suddenly within a few hours of extremely hot waves. Many were senior citizens, labor class, and working in the open air.

Karachi was not aware of these extreme weather conditions. But the good thing was observed that many NGOs such as Hilal-e-Ahmer House (Red Crescent), Sindh Boys Scouts Association, Karachi Open District Boy Scouts Association, and Pak Hyderi Scouts Pakistan. Pakistan Rangers, Sindh Police, Traffic Section, Bukhari Welfare, Nusrat Welfare Organization, Pakistan (Regd.), and different NPOs played their role responsibly in helping the people of Karachi. Not only by providing civil services for instance medication, providing shelter, water, etc. But also they arranged different campaigns and train trainee awareness sessions for the people of Karachi.

Last but not least, I would like to request you all to contribute as much as you can at your hand to plant a tree. But with caution which trees can impact positively to City Karachi and avoid those trees which may cause negatively.

Neem Tree

Neem is one the best trees for City Karachi other than Khajoor, Shehtoot, Safaida, etc. Thanks !!

Share your experience if you have also done anything good for your City.
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