IELTS – Speaking Problem

IELTS Speaking Problem

These are a couple of the big IELTS Speaking Problems many people face while practicing for the IELTS Speaking Test. So here today I am going to discuss some solutions to how can we overcome the above-mentioned issues.

I understand the question but I can’t reply spontaneously.

I can speak English but speaking with good fluency is my major issue.

I can write very well but I feel so confused while speaking English.

Well, it is observed generally that many of us have to face the same problem. That means it is a general problem among us. So the question is how can we overcome this issue??

Let me tell you that English is not subject to cramming some grammar rules or sentences and we can cheat the examiner!! No, it is not as easy as many students think. IELTS Examiners are well qualified and they can easily identify which sentences are crammed and where someone is struggling to speak but he does not have choices of relevant words.

Solution of IELTS Speaking Problems

Firstly, it is essential to understand that English is a Language, which requires deliberate learning, understanding of concepts, proper grammar knowledge, and last but not least, most importantly, Practice.

To speak English like a native language with fluency, here are some key points:

  • We need to speak in English
    • daily
    • at every place
  • Whether anyone is speaking with us in English or any other local language, we have to reply in English or at least our reply should be imagined in English and then answered in the local language.
  • Start imagination in English.

In starting, the most effective way to overcome this dilemma of IELTS Speaking Problem is that

  • Keep practicing in front of the mirror. This works always.
  • Then arrange a partner with whom you can speak comfortably either speaking right or wrong sentences, by this, you would not feel hesitation.

I hope it will help us all. I will continue to update this Blog. You are requested to share your views or your good pieces of advice for everyone in the comment box or send us an email at

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