G & G Teaching: Changing Perspectives – P2

Activity-Based Learning

Activity-Based Learning Method

This is the activity-based learning method is more succinctly presented in the words of Benjamin Franklin:

“Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember
Involve me and I learn” (Richards 81).

The teaching of grammar to the students by involving them in some activity-oriented exercises has a significant purpose beyond the perception of grammar and production of correct speech since the students learn also preferable communicative activities.

As suggested by Franklin, “Involve me and I learn”, the targeted learners will be directly engaged where they themselves play the role to learn the exercises.

This method stimulates the students’ natural curiosity and it promotes them to learn the required skills.

The Role of MediaActivity-Based Learning Method

Media is now part and parcel of our day-to-day living. Media has made a great impact on English learners.

The media supply information to both hearing and visual senses. Radio, T.V, print, and we can be well used in classroom teaching.

When web-related technologies, through various types of media, are interlinked in teaching, fruitful results are obtained through such teaching-learning method.

Media is not only used as an entertaining tool but also as an educational tool which helps the students in their language learning.

It can be used as an effective teaching tool so long as we are not dominated and manipulated by it.

The non-English speakers choose media as a tool to learn English through watching English movies, reading newspapers, etc.

To supplement this activity-based teaching, media, especially print media, i.e., newspapers can be used as props to help the students in learning.

Newspaper and Language Learning

Newspaper is a boon to all of us. It is considered to be the most significant resource which enriches our knowledge.

The common reason for selecting English newspapers as a suitable teaching tool is due to the fact that these cover a wide range of information from a variety of sources.

Leading newspaper is published from many cities have established circulation, are sold primarily as print copies. Their readers are very numerous, and they cover and present matters of current interest.

Reading a newspaper on a regular basis is a good habit. It is very common that the students who read newspapers are good in their language skills.

Use of newspaper in the ESL classroom helps the students in learning and improving their vocabulary, grammar and reading skills.

Harmer reports, “It keeps the students informed about what is happening in the world, so they have intrinsic educational value” (Harmer 190).

Literature Review

Newspapers can be used as an effective prop in ESL classrooms.

Fenholt (1985) offers numerous activities that are based upon the use of newspapers as a learning resource to develop the skill of the learners.

According to “Newspapers in Adult education: A Source Book” (1998) many countries like Argentina, Cameroon, Mexico and South Africa encourage learning through newspapers in order to improve language skills among adults.

The examples in the Source Book include 10 such cases on how the partnership between the educator and the newspapers can play an active role and make adult education more attractive and helpful.

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