Heart Attack

Heart Attack

How to Save Yourself from a Heart attack?

Let me share with you some interesting treatment to control High Cholesterol through Natural Herbs which are easily available in your kitchen.

Research says that most deaths in the world is due to a heart attack which is the result of high cholesterol. You must know many people in your own home who have increased weight and cholesterol.

Billions of dollars of medicines sell to heart patients by major US-based companies around the world But if you are in any Asian country and have any heart problem, the doctor will ask you to do angioplasty straightaway. In this operation, the doctor puts a spring in the heart tube called a stent. This stent is made in the US and costs only $3.00 which is approx. PKR 472-475 or INR 212-215. Unfortunately, the same stent is sold in Pakistan and India for Rs.300,000.00 to Rs.500,000.00

Now see the Benefits of these Natural Herbs:

Ginger Juice:

  • It dilutes the blood.
  • It naturally reduces pain by up to 90%.

Garlic Juice:

  • Allicin present in it reduces cholesterol and BP.
  • It opens the heart block.

Lemon Juice

  • The antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium contained in it clean the blood.
  • They increase immunity.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • It has 90 types of ingredients that open up all the nerves in the body.
  • It cleanses the stomach.
  • It relieves fatigue.


Use them in this way:

  • Take One Cup of Lemon Juice.
  • Take a Cup of Ginger Juice.
  • Take a Cup of Garlic Juice.
  • Take a Cup of Apple Vinegar
  • Heat all Four of these ingredients’ Juices on a medium flame until Three Cups liquid are left to cool.
  • Now, Mix 3 Cups of Honey in it.
  • Take 3 Tablespoons of this Medicine in the morning with an empty stomach.

After the treatment, the entire blockage will be gone. That is, the arteries will open. God willing.
You are requested to share this message as much as possible so that everyone can benefit from this medication. God forbid.

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Self CPR Treatment

Just imagine that in an evening at 07:25 pm you are going home all alone. Suddenly you feel pain in your chest which starts from your hand and moves towards your jaw. You are Five (5) miles away from the nearest hospital and to your home and you are in doubt now that would you be able to reach any nearest hospital or at least home.

You have well trained yourself in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), how to provide CPR to others but there you have not been taught how to use it on your own. Here we are sharing you how to avoid a heart attack in such. Because most of people are alone at the time of a heart attack and the first thing they have to face is they have difficulty breathing without any help. Then they tend to be unconscious and have only 10 seconds to recover.

Follow these steps in the situation of Heart Attack:

  • A person shall start coughing and as much cough as start spitting during coughing to keep him-self normal.
  • Take a loud Breath and keep taking before every cough.
  • Keep coughing and Spit out of the chest.
  • Keep repeating this process after every Two seconds break until help comes or heartbeats get normal.

Breathing like this produce extra oxygen in the lungs and coughing loudly helps to shrink heart which leads to regulate blood supply in a smooth way. Must visit No weight chest workout in your health and fitness.

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  1. Very Informative article in fact Rehabilitation after a Heart attack may additionally take numerous months or extra. The Physiotherapist will teach rest techniques, respiratory sports, and sports to progressively support leg and trunk muscle tissues. regularly, gentle pastime inclusive of on foot is brought.

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