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Is Blogging Right Choice for You? If you love to transform your Ideas into Words, YES, Blogging is for you!

This is not as simple as people think. Many people come in blogging and leave blogging in the same manner as many people start any kind of business but shutdown within 3 to 6 months.

Blogging is a full-time job, or it Should be said full-time business same as any other business such as operating any Workshop, running Restaurant, managing Events and looking after Company.

If you cannot give your quality time to your blogging activities then Blogging is not for you.

Selection of Good Keywords, Simple Words, Quality Content, Spontaneous Topics, Avoiding Ambiguity in your Discussion, Clarity in Sentences and most importantly, Passion to Write. The best SEO website to submit your URL to get Backlinks is ABACUS SEO DIRECTORY

You can choose any Nich such as Fashion, Sports, Entertainment, Education, Health, Fitness, Beauty, Traveling and this can also be more specific like you can select Accounting, Finance, Cost, Marketing, HR, Supply Chain, IT, etc in Education. In sports, you can focus on anyone on Cricket, Tannins, Swimming, Wrestling, Soccer, etc.

Whatever niche you select, the key to be interested and success is your interest. Start Blogging in a niche where you have an interest because, without your interest, you cannot go longer.

You need ZERO $ Investment to start your Blogging Passion. However, It continues efforts, you have to be consistent with your Blogging style. If you are a short temper, then don’t worry! You still have a chance and Instagram is available for you. Visit Coding Gully for more exciting earning blogs.

There are so many platforms available to publish your Blogs depending upon what and where you want to share your experience. Here are some of Blogging website links:

So Best of Luck for your future with Blog. Do share your experience here in the comment section. 👍

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