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I welcome you all with greetings & I am very thankful to all of you for your kind support and motivational comments 🙂
Let’s move towards the Topic: MOTIVATION – This is a very vast topic, its something like To build a bridge over the sea.


  • Is it any idea?
  • Any thought?
  • Inspirations?
  • Dream?
  • Action?
  • Any hidden force or something like that?

You must have heard that MOTIVATION comes from inside, deep of your heart. I say, to be motivated, you a need a heart of a lion. Now let’s move in the past & see where the word MOTIVATION came from?? This is a Latin word Movere which means to move. Showing that MOTIVATION means to move for something or from something!!

Shaheed Rashid Minhas


Do you know Shaheed Rashid Minhas??
He was a young Pilot Officer in PAF who showed extreme MOTIVATION when his instructor hijacked his aircraft & wanted to take that to the neighbor territory. But due to high motivation level, Rashid Minhas resisted against his intentions & results currently achieved the highest gallantry award The Nishan-e-Haider.

Let me give you the best illustration. Sunday is considered as a Funday, But for many of us, it’s just a dream now. Every Sunday morning some of us have to attend educational classes, in spite of doing a good job, running a business, still, many are busy on Sunday as well, WHY?

Every Why, in our life might have some reasons which force us to do something for the betterment our life, that force is called MOTIVATION. MOTIVATION is a continuing process from Energy we put in a direction to achieve a particular goal with persistence. Like sharing my today’s topic was my goal, I combined different resources together, did some planning, in a way to achieve today’s goal with continuity.

Let’s try to understand with the help of a graph, this is a process which starts from need, desire or expectation, resulting in driving force which could be action or behavior to achieve that desire or goal which provides satisfaction on achievement & the cycle continues in either positive feedback, & become an inspiration, or learning expects from mistakes. Same as this topic becomes inspiration & some stories give us a lesson to learn.


Although MOTIVATION comes from deep of your heart, I think MOTIVATION is something exist in our mind too. It is a perception which identifies The difference between the failure & the success. When a “Can’t” becomes a “Can”, that’s MOTIVATION.


Actually, MOTIVATION is something very complex to understand. It’s psychological but needs physical action too. MOTIVATION is unique to each & every person.

It’s context-sensitive depending on the circumstances individual faces time to time & still not fully understood.

Here one thing is important to know that objectives vary person to person and time to time as per circumstances changed. The only constant thing in our life is “CHANGE”.


Extrinsic & Intrinsic

We can be extrinsic at any time of our life for something but can be intrinsic anytime for the same thing means there is nothing permanent situation.


Those are Autonomy: they like independence, freedom, liberty.

  • Learning: They are knowledge-oriented, love wisdom, keep getting an education, try to understand, know, investigate things & keep questioning.
  • Belonging: They hold knowledge as assets.
  • Mastery: they have the ability to command, get expertise, skill, proficiency. They control power, command, they have a dominant personality, authority, and they may influence others too.
  • Curiosity: they take an interest in belongings, concern, they believe in prying; they participate in the conversation.
  • Meaning: they are ideological, expressive & aim objective.
  • Love: they are caring, passionate, show affection & sweets too.


They prefer to harass or demanding.

  • Gold Stars: extrinsic people always race to achieve stars like only numbers matter for them, feeling-less something like that.
  • Competition: as I said, they just see the world as a racecourse & always see others as rivalry, opposition.
  • Money: materialistic, everything starts with money & ends on the money.
  • Fear of Failure: he/she always has a fear of defeat, downfall or something like that.
  • Points: they always point out others for any failure, they don’t take responsibility.
  • Fear of Punishment: Deterrence is a theory from behavioral psychology about preventing or controlling actions or behavior through fear of punishment.
  • Rewards: they prefer to do things in against some rewards, to get something in return.
  • Peace: A great MOTIVATION to live a good life in the worst place & worst society. The Last Beloved Prophet s.a.w.w. is a symbol of Self Motivated personality when the whole Arab was his enemy when old lady used to throw dust on him but he faced all just because he has a bright future in front of him. He knew the pleasure of forgiveness.

We can understand MOTIVATION in just a single word that is “Karbala“. When a grandson of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w sacrificed his whole family to save Peace “Islam”. When we have strongly believed in GOD, we must be motivated to do good always in our life, whatever the situation we face.

Ahan! A great example of the Soldier. To die with glory to live forever. The ultimate wish of a soldier to sacrifice his life for the nation & in return have a heavens life as committed by GOD.

This article is dedicated to my Hon’ble Teacher Col. Akhter Ahmed Khalili (R). Thank you with best wishes 🙂

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