Solve Increasing Crime Rate

Better Parenting Skills

How to Solve the Increasing Crime Rate of Young Offenders

The only way to solve the increasing crime rate of young offenders is to Teach Parents Better Parenting Skills.

The increasing crime rate is one of the main highlighted issues in any country. And a large number of ratio, children seem to be involved in these issues.

These are as a result of lack of Education and an increase in the Unemployment rate.

It is believed by some people the only possible way to overcome juvenile crime is by implementing better parental skills.

I believe better parental skills itself alone cannot solve the rise in crime rate.

On the one hand, children of 1 to 6 years old at their early age receives initial level education at home. And parents are solely responsible to provide the primary level knowledge. And to guide them in differentiating between right and wrong in their early phase of life. Also Read Pre-School Education

During this age, their cognitive, intellectual skills are developing. If children are not educated in a mannered way they become stubborn and develop negative habits. Which may lead to juvenile delinquency.

Some parents fail to perform such abilities. Therefore, it is very crucial to teach parents improved parental skills at the early age of children.

On the other hand, teenager while receiving their academic education they are exposed to the outside world. And spend their huge amount of time in school. Moreover, they spend less amount of time with their parents.

School performs secondary responsibility in developing young once.

Education center should devise a strategy for teaching adolescent if they are involved in any negative activities. For instance, if students in the USA school breaks any rules they are detained for a certain period of time. Where they receive proper guidance on their false behavior.


To decrease the crime rate among young children parents can only provide primary level skills during their initial life-cycle.

It is not possible by teaching parents better parental skills alone will help to decrease criminal activities.

However, the educational institute plays a secondary level role in providing education and guidance. Which significantly impact in reducing the crime rate.

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