The Month of Muharram is Eid for You


Josh Malihabadi

The renowned poet, Mr. Josh Malihabadi, arranged a gathering to “Address the occasion of Karbala”, however, the Speaker asked for money. Mr. Josh had such an unpleasant feeling that after being locked in a quiet silence room for three days, he picked up the pen and wrote the poem “Address to (Zakir) Speaker”.

Hazrat Josh Rah’s poems about Speakers (Zakirin) which is also applied for today’s Molyas, speakers, groomsmen, mourners, and Zakers)


Thinking so oh sorry sadness but soft
Ah, you do auction the martyr’s blood –

The business practice is in the assembly
Here is a discussion of the fee.

If the universe values morality –
If the blood fills the ligament in the abdomen

Harsh has taught you the lesson of Divinity.
Karbala does not mention why the name is right-

The fountain of wealth is thy cell,
Made of box sheets, then gold foil-

Family is a waste of wealth for you –
Once upon a time, the earth is cherished for you –

Do you know what concept you created?
Humiliation disrespected the truth by forgetting the truth –

Karbala and blood spat on Mola –
Keeping the weather afloat

Exercise, luxury is yours.
Muharram Eid is for you for eleven months.

The thought is straightforward in some of the G’s.
Believers are the heart and right hopes and beams

Why was that what the purpose was – the great slaughter

Fear does not fall from the sight of the victim
Look at the blood of Ibn Haider

It is a blessing to mention to you Al-Mushrikun
The shield of your coins is the beam of sorrow.

Your al-Jazeera is the voice of the people of Ezza.
Shame on Le Business, O Traders – Blood Hussain (A.S.).

Comes to mind with swords.
With her mourning, and with the whispers of a coin.

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