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Umbilicus or Belly-Button is a special gift from Almighty God. There was a 62-year-old man who was unable to see properly from his Left Eye – especially at night. Doctors tell him that your eyes are fine – however, there is just one problem – that the veins that provide blood to the eyes – have dried up.

According to science, the first creation in a human being by the Almighty God is Umbilicus – which then connects the mother with a card. And with that special gift, which is seemingly a small thing – a whole human being becomes a form.

Belly-hole is an Amazing Part:

According to science, this part of the navel (Belly-Button) is heated for up to three hours after a human dies – because it is said – that the baby receives food through the mother. The baby is fully-fledged in 270 days – in 9 months.

This is because – all our veins are connected to this location. It has a life of its own. The complex structure of veins is located behind this navel hole – where there are about 72,000 veins. Our bodies’ veins can rotate around the Earth twice if spread.

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If the eye goes dry – doesn’t look right – Bile is not doing the right thing – feet or lips split – to make the face shiny – to make the hair shine – knee pain – cheap – joint pain, dry skin –

Treatment Method:

Eye Dryness

Don’t Look Right – Before sleeping at night for glowing skin and hair, drop three drops into pure Natural Ghee (Oil) or coconut oil in navel hole and apply about a half-inch around the hole.

To relieve the discomfort of the knees, drop three drops of castor oil into the hole and apply it as described above.

Use three drops of mustard oil according to the method mentioned above – to remove the laziness and weakness and to relieve joint pain and to relieve dryness of the skin.

Why oil should be poured into navel holes?

Almighty God has this attribute in the hole of the navel – That the veins, if dried somewhere in the body – So the oil can be delivered to them through the navel. Which they reopen – If there is a pain in the abdomen of the baby, mix water and oil and apply it around the navel in a few minutes baby will feel normal and good.

For Stress Reduction:

The water of onion twenty grams –
Lubricating olive oil –
Burn it and dissolve –
Stress will be reduced drastically by massaging the navel in and out.

For Ear:

Sounds of the whispers in the ears –
So by mixing fifty grams of mustard oil with 2 drops of herbal powder and applying it for fifteen days in the navel eliminates the sound of side by side.

For Hearing Strength:

To relieve hearing loss –
Add 50 grams of mustard oil to cinnamon –
By applying 20 grams of burnt oil to the navel, improves the strength of the hearing.

Abdominal Bloating:

Take Fifty grams of mustard oil – contains two grams of clonidine oil – make a mixture by heating and cooling and apply it surrounding the Belly-Button (Naaf). Within two months you feel the difference.


If you apply the Olive Oil in Belly-Button (Naaf) after bath –
And interestingly, there is no allergy and colds.

(Please note that the knowledge you have is a trust to those who are unaware, so do your duty to those who are entitled to it. Share it with others also.)

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