The Things a Bride Always Wishes


So the day came today, a dream of every girl. Today is my wedding ceremony, can’t even express how much I am happy today and nervous too.

Yes! “I said nervously”. Because this day would impact my whole life, my world is going to be changed. Now I have to be more responsible, sensible and focus on myself and my family.

The things a bride always wishes for her wedding day are the best dressing, best makeover, best jewelry, and most importantly best photography. Alhumdulilah! All I got is the best. I wish I would make the best in my upcoming life, as my beginning of life is best.

The smile on my face shows the happiness in my heart. The shiny eyes are saying I am very much happy and thankful to all those who made my event the best event of my life.

In last I just want to say that: every morning brings a new challenge and tasks in our lives, being positive and making your dreams fulfill is the biggest task of our lives.

Content: Poet & Writer Mujtaba Mirza


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