The Day of Judgment

The Day of Judgment

Why the day of judgment will come?

This is the conversation between Imam Ali and an atheist.

An atheist asked some questions to Imam Ali on the reasons for the day of judgment and Imam Ali replied to him accordingly. This is very informative and modern science also has proven many of the predictions made by Imam Ali more than 1400 years ago… !!

An atheist: You say that Almighty God does not do wrong to anyone.
But still, He says that the Day of Judgment will come, everything will end …
Isn’t it cruelty when the world ends?

Imam Ali ۴ replied … !!

O man, Almighty God will not destroy this world but the human being
Greed will put an end to it by human hands …

An Athiest said, ‘Ali, how?

So, Imam Ali said to him details that.. !!

Almighty God has sent Adam to earth without any authority, the right of all human beings on this earth is equal,

No earth belongs to anyone. This land belongs to Almighty God, but alas!
People will take over the land and think of the land as their land …

Humans will cut and sell the power of Almighty God for worldly wealth,
They will dig the earth and sell out the blessings of Almighty God,
Humans will break the mountains and get wealth from their stones,
Cut down trees and sell their timber,
Pollutants will pollute the air …

O man, Almighty God does justice, to remember, Almighty God has not created anything worthless …

Earthquakes will increase by excavating the earth by digging more …

Pollutants will cause thousands of illnesses …

By cutting down the tree, humans will cut their own health,
And because of the pollution of the water, it will stop rain …
This is how humans will crave for water …

And the mountains that Almighty God has placed on the chest of the earth are because the earth can remain in its place …
But when those mountains are broken, the earth will change its place …
And the earth will go down to the sun… and it will burn out …

And then Almighty God will judge and do justice …
Why was such a beautiful land destroyed?
Why were humans oppressed …?
Why are they justified …?

Oh man, people do injustice … to themselves,
Almighty God will judge, and the Judgment on that day is called the Day of Judgment

منتخب التواریخ صفہ 78 Courtesy by: Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi (Shah G)

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