Things to Know About Social Media Platform in 2020

Social Media & We as a Society

Once there was an era when people use to listen news at sharp 09 PM and gets updated about the whole day national and international news. Time changes and media started grooming it-self or we can also say that we had groomed ourselves in such a way that now we are servant of media. My target is not news channels or any special media field, I am talking in general.

Nowadays, media is not restricted to television or computers, it is now on your finger tips. We have many types of media for example; Electronic Media, Paper Media, Social Media. The biggest thread to our nation and upcoming generation is Social Media. That it’s a thread and what I can say about it… it’s also a big question for me.

If a person is not talking to anyone in real, that is accepted but if he or she is not updated on social media so that is not accepted, why???? Wishing from a birthday to updating the news of death also, that’s why it was generated???

The Social Network

We don’t talk to our Families, Friends, Relatives face-to-face but we do update our pictures with them on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, ZapBuddy, or any other Social Media! Isn’t it foolish???

Many times we don’t even know about anyone so correctly but we share our data, our pictures, our contact numbers and other personal information with them as we know them from our childhood. I have analysis many cases where two people fall in love so much that they don’t even care about their families. Although, it is acceptable that you people are grown up now and have fully rights to choose your life-partner by yourselves but at least investigate once. When we think several times for buying any new thing or product from a new place so can’t we think what we are going to do with our lives??

God has given us brain and allowed us to excess it in any way we want to, so it is our responsibility to make the best decisions of our life. Life is given by God once and would be taken back also, whatever time is in between let’s do not waste it and explore as much as we can. Crying on what we didn’t do and what we can do but we didn’t do so waste of time.

Media is keep on changed with time so it’s our time to change ourselves and do the best. Saying again in end that, upgrade yourself is must as you have to run with the world and time, but never ever make yourself slave of it.

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